Muskies Inc. - Hayward Lakes Chapter & Hayward Bass Club Fishing Contest

Muskies Inc. – Hayward Lakes Chapter and the Hayward Bass Club encourage Catch & Release and supports the efforts of local sportsmen and conservationists in preserving sports fishing in the Hayward area lakes.

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Category Prizes
Muskies Inc. – Hayward Lakes Chapter & Hayward Bass Club Booth – Downtown Hayward on Main Street
*Must be Present to Win

Fishing Contest Instructions

Begin fishing in the contest any time after sunrise on Thursday, June 20 on any Hayward area waters.  When you catch a fish, immediately take a digital photo of it on a commercial bump board or on top a ruler clearly displaying the length of the entire fish. Have a witness verify that you have released the fish alive. If the fish is smaller than the harvest regulations allow or within a prohibited slot size, you may not transport the fish to a witness, the witness must be with/near you. If the fish is within the allowable harvest regulations, you may transport the fish to a witness for verification of live release. For example, if you catch a 47” Musky on the Chippewa Flowage, which has a 50” minimum harvest limit, it must be photographed and released with a witness immediately. Fill out the registration form, sign it, have your witness fill out and sign their portion. Bring your completed form and digital or printed photos to the Fish Contest Booth on Main Street from 10am-5pm on Friday or 10am-3pm on Saturday. Photos may also be emailed to

You may also bring/submit other pictures of you with the fish to be displayed in the booth. To be in contention for the prizes, make sure you are downtown at the Booth at 4pm on Saturday.


Official Rules 2024 Musky Fest Fish Contest

Catch, Photo & Witnessed Release

  1. All Hayward Area Waters may be fished.
  2. All Wisconsin Fishing & Boating Rules apply. Because fishing regulations vary from lake to lake, please refer to current year’s fishing regulations. All legal fishing methods and bait are allowed.
  3. Fish must be caught, photographed, & released from sunrise on Thursday, June 20th, through 3:00pm Saturday, June 22nd, 2024.
  4. Fish must be measured and photographed on a bump Board or Ruler with the entire fish visible in the picture.
  5. Fish must then be released alive in the presence of a witness who also signs the entry form.
  6. Photos verifying the fish length must be submitted with the signed registration/release forms at the Fish Contest Booth via printed pictures, pictures displayed on electronic devices (phone, tablet, digital camera or laptop) or may be emailed to
  7. Judges will verify pictures and adjust the official size of fish based on the photos.
  8. A registration/fish release form must be submitted for each fish entered.
  9. Photos of the Angler with the fish may also be brought to the booth or emailed to the contest for display for the public.
  10. Registration is at the Musky Fest Fish Contest Booth, downtown Hayward, on Main Street from 10:00 a.m. – 5 p.m. Friday and 10 a.m. until the 3:00pm deadline on Saturday.
  11. First and second place prizes will be awarded in all 7 fish categories for both the adult and youth (12 and under) divisions.
  12. The seven fish species categories are: Bluegill/Sunfish, Crappie, Yellow Perch, Bass (Largemouth and Smallmouth combined), Northern Pike, Walleye, and Musky.
  13. Entrants MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN at 4:00pm at the Fishing Contest Booth on Saturday.
  14. Any infraction of rules will call for disqualification.
  15. Judges’ decisions are final.

There will be a Bluetooth printer at our booth on the first block of Main Street. Pictures will be printed and displayed.

Questions can be directed to Mike at 715-558-2835 or